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Superlite Coupe Race

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Lots of cars look racy, but not a lot of them are actually racing champions.  The Superlite SLC is both.

In 2011  we decided to test our belief that the Superlite SLC really was a superior platform for a track-day or race car.

So we built a car, put in a mild engine, and went racing, because there is nothing like the crucible of competition to test a car.  We knew there would be lots of very mature race cars, with a lot more power than we were running.  But we were optimistic that the advanced chassis design, superior suspension and good aero balance would help us prevail.  And we wanted to test ourselves against the fastest cars in the country, from all corners of the world, with an American-built car, made right here in Detroit.

So how’d we do?

Well, we won the 2011 NASA Super Unlimited class National Championship in convincing fashion, set lap records at every track we visited, and won every race we finished along the way.

We won despite giving up literally hundreds of horsepower to other cars in our class.  We won because the Superlite SLC turned out to be a pretty good race car, right out of the box.

And we did all this with a car that had a stock body, a stock chassis (save for a no-cost driver-offset option), the same optional CF wing that many SLC owners already have, and a relatively mild engine.  In other words, it was a car that anyone can buy from Superlite Cars, with parts that are in stock, and on the shelf now.

We actually race what we sell with the SLC.  And that means every SLC, whether or not it ever sees the track, has the same racing DNA that won the Super Unlimited National Championship.

Next year, the Superlite SLC will travel to tracks around the country racing with NASA again, and will defend its National Championship.  It’s hard to repeat a championship, but we are ready.

And those other guys with the racy-looking cars?  Let’s meet at the track and compete!