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Out of Production until Further Notice

Everything you need for performance motoring.  And nothing more.

You’ve probably noticed a trend in modern automobiles, namely that every year cars get more complex, get more weight added to them, are cushier, and are more detached from the road.  It’s almost as if their designers seemed intent on taking away the sheer fun of driving a responsive, fast car.

The Razor was designed to reverse that trend.  There is nothing is on the car that doesn’t make it go faster, or be a more involving car.  So it doesn’t have air conditioning, power brakes or electric windows.  Actually, it doesn’t even have windows.

What is does have is everything needed to bring back the experience of elemental motoring, combined with superb dynamics, and extreme performance.

Most modern cars are much heavier than they used to be.  Just look at the new Camaro for example, which weighs an incredible 3750 lbs, around a half-ton more than the first-gen Camaros.    It only takes fifth-grade math to know that you need way more power than before to get to the same power-to-weight ratios that made the original car famous.  And of course you still have to lug that extra weight around every turn, and carry it down every braking lane.

It’s that tendency to bloat that the Superlite Razor was designed to reverse.  Consider that the Razor, with a modern drivetrain, ready to drive, weighs under 1500 lbs.  That, coupled with the kind of power that can easily be obtained from light engines, yields power-to-weight ratios better than any current models from Porsche, Ferrari or any of the usual supercar providers.

Just look at the numbers:  1500 lbs with a 400 HP forced-induction 4-cylinder yields a power-to-weight ratio of 3.75 lbs per HP.  That’s better than a Ferrari Enzo (which has to lug around 4.5 lbs of expensive Italian aluminum for every horsepower).  A Superlite Razor is formidable in terms of acceleration, and there are very few cars outside an NHRA track that can keep up.

So the Superlite Razor has power-to-weight, but it also has the rest of the puzzle- a thoroughly engineered suspension, steering, and braking system that is designed with one idea in mind: to keep you connected to the road in the most intimate way possible, and make mincemeat of the rest of the portly herd of other cars that trade softness for performance.

Best of all, it’s affordable.  For much less than a new V6 Mustang, you can have a car that finally delivers what you always knew you wanted- pure driving pleasure.  And leave those pesky Ferraris in your dust!

The Razor isn’t for everyone.  It has everything you need for performance motoring.  And nothing more.  But if you crave the feeling of what pure performance motoring really is all about- fierce performance coupled with incredible dynamics– the Razor may be just the car for you.